Every aspect of this beauty is Handmade from 999 and 925 Silver. Small imprinted flowers on main bezel where the Star Ruby is set. Several forged silver and gold beads. Largest ball has a 5 mm Ruby flush set.

The main Starfish is casted in silver from a Starfish I found combing the beaches of Maine! Dolphins are handcrafted from my favorite pose of mother and child together.

I wanted it to depict ocean vibes but also an astro sense by adding the circles and smaller Starfish like stars ⭐️

To me it looks like a piece of old treasure found while deep sea diving for buried treasure. However, she also has a modern flair because of the solid heavy gauge Silver and super polished framing. Other aspects are also deeply polished.

This special piece is a Limited Creation and no more will be made.

The bail is think square gauge 999 Silver twisted around to balance the offset setting of the Starfish. The Starfish remains in its natural form and shape in which it was found! Also, there are 2 large gold bronze balls attached to ends to secure placement and match the other Silver and Gold balls in the piece.

Some minimal texturing to the back side. And to the right and left side of Dolphins are a shape that is wavish in style.


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Length 60 mm and width 25 mm.

Included Gift box and Tarnish Protection Bag or Tab.


Be sure to read the "Buying Handmade" sections and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email.


Thank you! Ok

Mothers Love with Ruby, Silver, Gold and Bronze Pendant