999 Silver

There are 14 ball accents using the process called "keumboo."  22K Gold fused to the Silver.

 The balls stand for the 14 stations of the The Cross.  

Yellow Diamond treated SI .07  

Why Yellow?  Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum. It's the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and Spring.  Encourages communication, energizes, sharpens memory, and stimulates mental activity.  But we are human and lurking in the background is the dark side of yellow: cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and madness.

The 3 points to each of the 4 points\ends of the cross.  For Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Rays of Light on back.

This Amulet comes with 16 inch Silver Box chain. 


Length 25mm and Width 17mm

Included Gift box and Tarnish Protection Bag or Tab.


Be sure to read the "Buying Handmade" sections and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email.


Thank you! 

Yellow Diamond Cross Amulet with Silver and 22K Gold Accents