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I started my art journey at a young age.  Always making stuff & flipping from one thing to the next.  Drove my mom crazy!  I was drawn to people in need & pretty things.  I wanted to hear those famous words everyone pronounces on The 4th of July-OOOO Ahhhh!


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Lisa Katchur

My main degree was Nursing BSN.  Lots of OOOOO-Ah’s there but a different kind!  I found the human body artful & was fulfilled to help in healing!  I also had a Stained Glass business for 10 years.  The windows got bigger & BIGGER & my body was getting older from running around nursing floors & a 15 foot square art table.  It was a grand time & I often ponder to “how many things I have made in my life”  & how many lives I have touched & loved!  Very mind blowing! 


I retired as a RN & took my love for sparkly things,  handmade items, & my overwhelming need to be OCD &  started my custom jewelry road!  It's a huge world & the skills are endless!  I learn something everyday & I can make so many pretty items.  I decided that I was going to make all the things I loved!  I like to think that the items I create could last a life time &  be treasured by small seeking hands in Ma Ma’s jewelry box.  Looking at them to be worn at some future time!  This is how I am going to leave my final mark in this big vast world! 


At current time, carving items from wax & casting  is a dream come true.  This way if someone loves something I make but wants it in gold-they can!  This allows me to offer higher base metal value.  Also, I can be as OCD with details and polishing to my hearts satisfaction.  I love wire wrapped items & mixing them with gems or rare stones & solid pieces of metal.   I could live in this world forever & never run out of ideas!   Send a message if you have question.  

Due to the nature of items being custom created  please don't hesitate to ask questions.  At this time items sold are not returnable.  Shipping damage is not my fault-please add insurance at checkout to alleviate concern. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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